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PharmD, PhD

Head of the APHM Biology Unit | Professor of Toxicology at Aix-Marseille University


In the era of personalized medicine, the biology division of APHM is a key player of translational research: it shows all the specialties of biology (hematology, immunology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology…) and manages biological resources, two missions that require expertise, know-how and technical expertise.

Today, ten of thousands of biological samples (molecules, cells, tissues and biological fluids), derivatives (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.) and data (molecular, biological and clinical) held in the APHM biobank contribute to improve the monitoring of patients monitoring and the identification and validation of new diagnostic and therapeutic targets.

The other issue is, of course, the drug itself. In clinical trials, we measure the effect of the product on the body, establish its safety profile and we perform the dosage of the compound and its degradation products. Beyond these pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies common to all drugs, we master the specific characteristics of the development of therapeutic antibodies, including new immuno-oncology antibodies. Because the mechanism of action of these antibodies is based on the activation of distinct immune cells, we continuously measure the activity of these cells and we seek the dosage and administration schedule to guarantee their ideal level of activation.

At the intersection of fundamental research, clinics and industry, I have strived for 20 years to accelerate the development of these new drugs, but also as a teacher, to introduce my students to these issues. By creating this super innovation centre "outside the walls", which is Marseille Immunopole, we leverage our capabilities to ensure better and faster innovation.