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Multidisciplinary Oncology and Therapeutic Innovations Department (OMIT) | Marseille Oncology Early Testing Center (CEPCM) | University Assistant Professor - Hospital Practitioner in Pulmonology at Aix-Marseille University


Oncologist by training, I joined the team headed by Prof Barlesi, within which my activity is shared between care in the Multidisciplinary Oncology and Therapeutic Innovations Department at Hôpital Nord and the Marseille Oncology Early Testing Center at Hôpital de La Timone, and teaching and research at Aix-Marseille University. My special interest is translational research in thoracic oncology, particularly in the field of biomarkers, and I have the benefit of international experience in the subject.

One of the greatest therapeutic innovations in the care of bronchial carcinoma is immunotherapy, which increases the chances of survival and provides greater tolerability than chemotherapy. Nevertheless, our experience with these drugs is limited and we still need to optimize these new treatments. In order to do this, I lead innovative research programs in thoracic immuno-oncology that should provide an improvement in the care of our patients. In this way, I make the most of my double status of clinician and researcher and take advantage of my daily experience at patients' bedside.
This work mobilizes all the participants in health care and research: pulmonologists, surgeons, radiation therapists, anatomical pathologists, etc., and young residents, as well as molecular biologists, immunologists, biostatisticians, mathematicians, pharmacists, etc., and PhD students at research institutes.

Today, Marseille Immunopôle and their experts and platforms provide an outstanding multidisciplinary scientific environment for thoracic immuno-oncology research.