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Francois ROMAGNÉ

Francois ROMAGNÉ


Scientific Director of MI-mAbs | Professor of Immunotechnologies at Aix-Marseille University | Cofounder of Innate Pharma

AMU, MI-mAbs

Engineer and immunologist, I have spent most of my career in industry, first at Immunotech then at Innate Pharma as cofounder but also Chief Scientific Officer for nearly 14 years. Since 2012, I have brought my scientific and industrial experience to this exciting translational research tool that is MI-mAbs. Positioned at the interface of "therapeutic targets discoverers” from research and developers of the biopharmaceutical industry, MI-mAbs generates antibodies against these new targets and validates their efficacy and safety on in vivo models of human disease and in vitro, on human biological samples. MI-mAbs thus allows researchers to validate the therapeutic potential of their discovery and permits industrials to focus their efforts on the most promising drug candidate.

Parallel to that mission, MI-mAbs contributes to the immunotechnology program of Master students, giving them the opportunity to learn about high precision technology such as monoclonal antibodies and their research, diagnostic or therapeutic applications. Our name - MI for Marseille Immunopole and mAbs for monoclonal antibodies - alone summarises the importance of this dual role in the cluster strategy.