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Frédéric VELY

Frédéric VELY

PharmD, PhD

Manager of Marseille Immunopole immuno-profiling platform | Assistant Professor of Immunology at Aix-Marseille Université | Hospital Practitioner at AP-HM | Researcher at CIML: « Natural Killer cells and Innate Immunity » team


Integrated in the immunology department of the APHM, our platform is exclusively dedicated to the diagnostic and therapeutic innovation in immunology. It undertakes two complementary missions: the immuno-monitoring of assays and research training.

Each year, a large number of clinical trials are conducted by APHM clinicians alone or in partnership with industry players in biopharmaceuticals. During these trials, we assess how the immune system of the animal or the patient responds to these new treatments. This information is essential since it largely conditions the continuation or the end of the drug development, especially when it  acts directly on the immune system as a cytokine or an immunotherapy antibody. In practice, we implement complex molecular and cellular assays which allow to measure all the facets of the immune response, including that of the new cell populations such as Innate Lymphoid cells (ILCs).

Our platform also acts as a full-scale test bed for Aix-Marseille Université students. For several years, we have been welcoming physician trainees, pharmacists and scientists who join our research education programs as a part of their second year of Master or PhD. The state-of-the-art expertise of our structure,  our proximity to APHM clinical services and our continuous interactions with the CIML research teams and the other platforms of MI offer our students a unique environment in Europe. It is an important part that we intend to develop and which is for this reason at the heart of Marseille Immunopole’s strategic plan.