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Jean-Paul BORG

Jean-Paul BORG

PharmD, PhD

Scientific Director of IPC and SIRIC Marseille | Director and Research team leader at the CRCM | Professor of Cell Biology at Aix-Marseille University


The continuum between fundamental and translational research that lies the foundation of Marseille Immunopole, has been from the beginning the trademark of CRCM and IPC. Here, the researchers are in the hospital, and the physicians and pharmacists in the laboratories. Together, they accelerate discovery, convert this findings into new diagnostic and therapeutic options and build knowledge which, in turn, generates more opportunities for innovation.

Logically, our research starts with the needs of the oncologist and patient. It targets the tumour cells themselves, specifically the "molecular clockwork" that regulates their functioning but also their environment, starting with the immune cells responsible for eliminating them, cells that tumours gradually manage to deceive as the disease progresses. We try and at the same time to re-programme this molecular clockwork and to relearn white blood cells to kill cancer cells or making them more susceptible to attack.

To facilitate the implementation of multidisciplinary research programmes, IPC, APHM, CRCM and CRO2 are also part of SIRIC Marseille, one of 8 French integrated research sites certified by INCa on the American "Comprehensive Cancer Centers" model, such as the Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber. Marseille Immunopole should allow us now to accelerate the development of therapeutic antibodies, the new drugs that are changing the course of cancer treatment. Already, the first administration in humans of an antibody targeting NK cells has been undertaken at IPC on patients with myeloid acute leukaemia, and in 2015, two companies specialising in immuno-oncology, Imcheck Therapeutics and AbVisio Dx, were founded by researchers from IPC and CRCM.