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Vincent FERT

Vincent FERT

Co-founder and CEO of HalioDx


As an immunologist, I founded HalioDx in 2014 with my former partners at Ipsogen and Jérôme Galon, a world specialist in cancer immunology. HalioDx implements a radically new approach to cancer diagnosis based on the analysis of the immune response: by precisely measuring the anti-tumour immune response of patients, we enable doctors to determine the severity of the disease, regardless of the cancer stage or molecular profile. Using this measurement, they should also be able to predict the response to treatment of their patients, including immunotherapies, which are at the core of the MI project.

To drive these innovations, HalioDx relies on a team of 80 employees that has already established its expertise in cancer diagnosis and has enabled the buyout of the company Ipsogen by the Qiagen group in 2011, after a successful industrial career and stock market performance. Again independent, HalioDx is a key player in the MI ecosystem that allows both personalized immunotherapies utilization and acceleration of their development.