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Software Developer

Fonction : ~Autres Familles

Début de mission : 22-08-2018

Publiée le : 26-07-2018

Type de contrat : CDD

Présentation du poste

We currently have an exceptional opportunity for a Software Developper starting August 1st 2018 – temporary full time contract (6 months).
Position responsibilities:
You will be part of a team responsible of the design and development of new software and web applications. You will analyze, test, and assist with the integration of new applications; document the development activity.
You will contribute to the Digital Pathology Solutions team, part of R&D department, working with a multidisciplinary team composed by bioinformatics scientists, Image analysis specialists and software developers.
With your team, you will build a new client facing micro-service platform, focused on image analysis and data visualization. Operating in a full-stack environment, you will be responsible for taking part in development discussions, as well as implementing, documenting, and testing all aspects of the platform.


Position qualifications requirements:

  • Stay abreast of all new clinical trends and opportunities in the region.
  • Experience building single page web apps
  • Knowledge of JavaScript (es6 and beyond), HTML5, and CSS3
  • Experience with React or other web frameworks like Angular or Vue.JS
  • Familiarity with development tools like Webpack, Gulp, Babel, NodeJS and npm
  • Passion for Great Looking UI and Front-End
  • Knowledge of and willingness to contribute to server-side development using PHP
  • Strong communication skills; English written and spoken
  • Self-starter able to work independently when needed 
  • Eagerness to learn new things and keep pace with the latest technology trends
  • 3+ years as a software developer 
  • B.S. or above degree in Computer Science or related technical field



  • Familiarity with testing frameworks like Karma and Jasmine
  • Experience with GoLang
  • Experience with Python
  • Knowledge of MongoDB/NoSQL
  • Experience with Google Cloud, AWS or Azure
  • Experience with building NodeJS REST APIs
  • Specific experience in digital pathology or radiology
  • Work experience in Agile 

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