Cross Innovation

Converging issues, ideas, expertise and talents

Today, the acceleration of knowledge and new points of convergence between science, clinic and industry are such that at the time of systems biology and collaborative economy (FabLabs, Crowdfunding, Open source, Micro-factories, etc.), we need to rethink the way we drive innovation. To accelerate the development of immunotherapies, Marseille Immunopole (MI) is implementing a “new way of inventing”: cross-innovation.

With MI, the goal is not simply to encourage collaboration “outside the walls” between academics, industrials and start-ups, but to provide researchers, clinicians, developers and students around the world with a place of excellence to freely converge questions, ideas, expertise and talents. From this “creative bubble”, MI’s founders intend to produce diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that will change the destiny of millions of patients with cancer or inflammatory diseases, and also build on knowledge which, in turn, will generate new opportunities for innovation.

MI manifesto

  • Focus energy on the one area of ​​fundamental and applied immunology.
  • Conduct collaborative R&D programs focused on clinicians and patients’ needs.
  • Promote meeting points between issues (fundamental and applied), diseases (cancers and inflammatory diseases), technologies (monoclonal antibodies and cell therapies) and applications (diagnostics and therapeutics).
  • Converge cultures: researchers, clinicians, engineers, industrials and patients.
  • Work at the interface of other disciplines: computer science, physics, mathematics, etc.
  • Encourage risk taking, execution and decision.
  • Develop a “best-in-class” platform of infrastructure, equipment and services.
  • Prepare for tomorrow by training future leaders in immunology, immunotechnology and immunotherapy.
  • Continuously enriching the MI ecosystem with new opportunities for innovation.
  • Strengthening the emergence, installation and development of dedicated companies on our territory.
  • Make Aix-Marseille Provence the world leader of immune-based therapies R&D.