450 patients enrolled in the biomarker part of the PIONeeR Project

Date : 5 January 2023
Category : News,Pioneer Project

The RHU PIONeeR Project announces the completion of a major milestone with 450 patients enrolled in the biomarker part of the study, led by Veracyte, in early 2023.

The PIONeeR project is the largest biomarker research program ever conducted. It explores more than 400 different parameters in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with checkpoint inhibitors.
Enrollment in the biomarker study is now completed but remains open in the PIONeeR Project’s umbrella clinical trial, which is evaluating the benefits of multiple treatment combinations in patients with different immune profiles, again with the unique goal of identifying the combination that has the best chance of improving patient survival and quality of life.

We will be back to you on a regular basis with the many expected results of the PIONeeR BIOMARKERS study!