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Fonction : Bioinformatique/ Robotique/ Screening

Début de mission : 11-03-2019

Publiée le : 11-03-2019

Type de contrat : CDD

Présentation du poste

The bioinformatics team focuses on achieving the full potential of immunotherapy. By analysing and integrating large omics data, the team addresses the challenges of combination choices, patient stratification and drug response prediction. Member of the team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Analysing multi-omics data ( incl. single-cell RNAseq)
  • Ensuring NGS pipelines updates to always be on the leading edge
  • Developing strategies (using machine learning approaches and others) to integrate omics data
  • Building novel prediction signatures


We are looking for a motivated, hard-working and creative candidate with a strong experience in analysing large volumes of biological data.

  • PhD in Transcriptomics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, or related fields
  • Strong programming skills (bash, python, R, perl, or similar) and experience working in HPC clusters
  • Strong experience in the analysis of NGS data (especially RNAseq and scRNAseq)
  • Good general knowledge in statistics and machine learning
  • Knowledge of Immunology involved in cancer
  • French speaking is not required but would be appreciated 
    You want to join an interdisciplinary environment with deep medical and data science expertise, you want to help improve healthcare, please do not hesitate longer and send us your resume.

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