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Global Supply Chain (or Senior Manager)

Fonction : Non Clinical Development

Début de mission : 07-06-2019

Publiée le : 07-06-2019

Type de contrat : CDI

Présentation du poste

Job Opening at Innate Pharma: Global Supply Chain Manager (or Senior Manager)

The role of global supply chain manager (or Senior Manager) is both transversal and central at Innate meaning:

  • Set up and manage global supply chain to deliver clinical and commercial products to patients where products are developed or marketed
  • Design, implement and monitor the production management policy (master plan, information system, etc.) and distribution
  • Manage and coordinate logistical information flows with various internal interlocutors (commercial, pharmaceutical operations, planning, purchasing and financial teams), and external contacts (CMOs producers, suppliers, wholesalers)
  • Planning finished product requirements from sales forecasts and existing long-term inventory
  • Set up packaging, labeling and distribution of commercial products and secure stocks to avoid disruptions
  • Optimize supply chain processes with respect to delay/cost/quality and improve gross margin

Within the Supply Chain team, your main role and responsibilities are the following:

  • Contribute to develop and implement industrial strategy
    • Lead and manage US supply chain transition with AZ ensuring smooth & effective supply to patients according to commercial needs across the value chain (from ordering of drug substance production to commercial distribution)
    • Defines and deploys realistic and competitive Supply Chains for Innates' clinical and future commercial products (US and EU territories)
    • Contributes to S&OP (Sales & Operations Plan) processes
  • Design and synchronize flows based on customer demand
    • Map comprehensive overview of AZ supply chain for Lumoxiti (including lead time of production DS (Drug Substance), DP (Drug Product), packaged product and release, stability, storage and shipment, US requirements for distribution) to insure successful supply chain transfer no later than Q1-2020
    • Designs the physical and information flows of different Supply Chains with a systemic vision and in compliance with constraints and commitments to stakeholders (respect of local regulation and Good Distribution Practices (GDP), respect of profitability criteria of the company and engagements towards the customers)
    • Continuously synchronizes the physical and information flows within the company and between its interlocutors (suppliers, subcontractors, partners, customers) taken into account of customer orders, forecasts and supplier delays and risks
    • Sizes stocks / buffers of each production intermediate (drug substance, drug product, finished products)
    • Supervise needs calculations and scheduling of upcoming orders to trigger production and purchase orders ; readjust the ordering of orders in progress in case of changes to sales orders
    • Participates in the development of manufacturing policies, choice of sites, production lines for clinical supply and future commercial products
    • Perform risk assessment of each flow and make recommendation for their implementation
    • Write URS (User Requirement Specification) with carriers / depository / distributors and lead negotiation with all parts until contract execution (business and Quality)
    • Prevent any problem to solve them without delay and avoid quality issues / product disruption
    • Write internal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in connection with production / carriers / depository / distributors system requirements and validate the global supply chain for each identified workflow
  • Design and synchronize return flows
    • According to Quality and Pharmaceutical constraints, design and secure recovery after retrofit of a product, return of a non-compliant product arrived at the customer
  • Supervise and coordinate the management of the supply chain
    • Manage IPH supply chain Team (2 headcounts)
    • Develops and maintains a good collaborative climate between the different links/ networks of the Supply Chain both internally and externally
    • Ensures a good level of knowledge and skills within all links/ networks  of the Supply Chain network
    • Supervises the continuous improvement of the Supply Chain process
    • Pilot the performance indicators of supply chain management
    • Drive a strong compliance culture throughout the team through role-modeling and ensuring 100% adherence to all SOPs.
    • Manage transition in your domain and exemplify cultural change within Innate-Pharma through co-operative operating mode within all links/ networks of the Supply Chain network


Experience and Qualifications:

  • Engineer and/or commercial with specialization in supply chain / logistic / transport
  • Strong experience of 8-10 years in supply chain management in pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical industry
  • International experience especially in North America and Europe
  • Strong experience in pharmaceutical legislation

Technical Competencies:

  • Knowledge in production management
  • Knowledge in general and industrial computing systems (ERP software's)
  • Familiar with principles of S&OP (Sales & Operations Plan

Additional Skills:

  • Extreme rigor and organization
  • Analytical and synthetic mindset
  • Strong communication skills at all levels
  • Good at negotiating and influencing
  • Comfortable with conflict management
  • Strategic vision
  • Proactive, responsive and dynamic
  • Strong cross-functional leadership skills and team collaborator
  • Certain ability and resilience to cope and withstand a level of pressure and  challenge

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